Paris Ultimate Travel Guide

This is my last day in Paris so, I have kept something special for my finale day excursions. I will stay in the city and cover Montmatre – the most famous neighborhood of Paris, Catacombs Of Paris, Pére Lachaise Cemetery. After covering all this site seeings still we left with other attractions like Luxemburg Garden, Tuleris Garden, Palais Garnier, Center Pompidou, Les Invalides. So if you have more days you can cover them too. This is Paris five days itinerary links are given below for other four days itinerary.

First place we visit is Catacombs of Paris. If you want to discover underground Paris, then this is the best place to do so. Here you visit underground tunnels and galleries under busy Parisians streets. While walking inside these tunnels you can see signboard of the streets above it. This place holds the remain of six million people.

Catacombs of Paris

Next place we visit is Pére Lachaise cemetery. This place is established in 1804 and is most famous cemetery in the world. It is the resting place of most famous figures. Spend some extra time here if you want.

Pére Lachaise cemetery

After visiting these two places I head to visit Montmarte . This place is at 18th arrondissement and the very reason why this place is must watch is because of its village atmosphere which the Parisians has still preserved. Cobbled streets, ivory color buildings, steep stair cases , artists, Basilica is what give inspiration to every tourist. It gets its name because its position is at the top of the hill. To climb the hill you can either take staircase or Funicular which is a part of Paris metro system. While walking on its streets you get artistic vibes, street art, statue, artists either selling paintings or working on their latest piece.

You can take ride on Le Petit Train De Montmartre. In forty minutes guided tour it not only covers history of that area but also gives you overview of Montmartre. This is the best way to cover this place.

Sacré- Cœur Basilica is the most iconic structure of Paris and visible from across the city. It has a long history as a place of worship. Both inside and outside of the church is magnificent and super magical, inside is because of stained glasses and outside gives you beautiful view of the city.

Place Saint Pierre Carousel is at base of Sacré Coeur steps and ideal to bring you back to your childhood memories.

Love wall -Here I love you is wriiten in different languages….

Do visit Church of Saint Pierre next door. Another important place to visit here is small Vineyard near Montmartre museum. At the foot of the mountain is Moulin Rouge where original Cancun dance originates. It offers musical dance and entertainment show and prior reservations are required if you want to enjoy the show. They conduct 3 shows daily 7 PM, 9 PM, 11 PM , better if you take with dinner. It is little expensive but it gives you authentic French taste.

This end our five days in Paris. Hope you too have enjoyed these five days. There are more places which are left I will cover those places in a seprate blog.

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