How to plan Paris trip ?

5 Days in Paris!!!!

Paris is a movable feast. While wandering in streets of her you get glimpse of incredible history, beauty, architecture, cuisine and fashion. Hey! do not forget the call of cuisine and fine wine. Paris is a perfect combination where France’s grand past meets futuristic way and give testimony that every city has a story to tell.

Paris grandeur attracts 42 million visitors a year. Places like Eiffel tower, Disneyland and Lourve are on everyone’s bucket list but most tourists are unaware of what an extraordinary city this is. I suggest giving this blissful place minimum of five days as there is just too much to do here. Let us explore this place with a new perspective along with the suggestion for the itinerary which might be helpful to you in planning your trip to Paris as memorable as mine!

But before starting our journey from Charles De Gaulle international airport, let me advise an important travel tip for cheap and easy movement in Paris. The Paris Public transport consists of the metro, tram, RER suburban express train, bus, Noctilen (Night Bus). Paris Viste pass allowed you to use for all services (metro, tram, RER, bus) Children from 4- 11 years old are half price. However best way to see the city is to walk around merely walking on her streets like picture postcards.

Day 1 Paris itinereary…

You can enter Paris from Charles De Gaulle International airport or by train if you are coming from any neighboring European country. After clearing immigration head to taxi stand or go to RER (the train System) If you do not feel confident in trying to find your hotel from the train then take RER to Gare Du Nord and then taxi from there. As I studied Paris map in detail, so I Know the nearest metro station to my hotel. By doing so I saved few Euros!!

But I had reached here at 10 AM and still lot of time left for check in!! (Standard international time for check in most of the international hotels is 3 PM) So, another travel tip – book hotel room in a day advance. So as soon as you reach hotel you will get check in. Luckily, hotel staff offered me early check in for which I had to pay extra Euros!!

After taking a short nap I was ready for the day’s excursion. My first stop in Paris – La Defense. This modern district is seen as Paris entry into 21st Century. The Grande Arche situated here makes a striking impression. Buy a ticket if you want to go its observation deck. Grande Arche is perfectly aligned with Arc de Triomphe which is situated few miles away. The magnificent Arc de Triomphe rises from the place Charles de Gaulle and offers commanding views of 12 grand avenues which radiate outwards like a star. Beneath the arch there is tomb of the unknown soldier. From the Arc de Triomphe continue your journey towards Champ’s Elyseés . It is 1.2 miles long street. This place is where Parisians come to dine, shop, enjoy the theatre and to celebrate life. You can also enjoy Paris’s famous Lido show. It is also the location of the annual Bastille day military parade.

The Champ’s Elyseés merges into the largest square in Paris – Palace de la Concorde. After watching this architecture marvel, I headed straight to the coffee shop La Petit Flottes which was just few blocks away from Place de la Concorde. I ordered few sandwiches along with coffee. There were other cafes lined up near so you can select anyone. I had randomly selected this as it was near metro station. After drinking energetic coffee, I gear up to spend beautiful evening in Paris. I decided to go Eiffel Tower. Take metro ticket to Champ-de-mars Tour Eiffel. I had already purchased my five-day pass for easy and hassle-free travel across Paris. After a short ride I reached my destination.

Over the streets of Paris rise the Eiffel tower. It was originally built as the entrance to 1889 world’s fair to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French revolution. The tower was constructed by Alexander Gautave Eiffel. It is the tallest structure in Paris. The tower offers three floors and to reach the second floor you can even climb if you do not feel like taking the elevator.

On one side of the Eiffel tower there is the grass field (Champ de Mars). On the other side large staircase. For the best photography this is the recommended place. You get picture as if you are to wander in alone here.

The tower has two restaurants 58 Tour Eiffel on the first level and Le Jules Verne, a gourmet restaurant with its own lift at the second level. You can take advantage to wander in large green areas of Champ de Mars. After this you can also take relaxing cruise on the Seine river. From the boat you can witness many of the city’s sublime landmarks and catch a beautiful sunset while you are at it.

Dinning choices around the Eiffel Tower are not very fantastic so you can head to Rue Cler a cheerful market street that is widely recognized by foodies. Here you can find divine pastry shops, green grocers, cheese vendors, luxury French tea houses, chocolates and gelatos. For authentic Indian cuisine there are few Indian restaurants near to the Eiffel tower so you can also go there for your dinner by this we just end our first beautiful day.

Day 2 & 3 Paris Itinerary…

Day 4 Paris Itinerary

Day 5 Paris Itinerary

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