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Referred to as the Highlands of Central India , Satpura is a extension of the Western Ghats and runs from the east to the west as a range of seven-fold mountains. Satpura Tiger Reserve is one of the largest in MP and 4th largest in India with the area covering over 1400 sq. kms. While the terrain is largely hilly, the erosion caused by numerous streams over many millennial has resulted in deep, narrow gorges and ravines-a landscape that perfectly suits the reclusive habits of tiger.

Bhimbetka Caves

The region has unearthed rock paintings which are thousands of years old and probably even the oldest forms of history recorded by man. Bhimbetka, a world heritage site, is one of the largest sites in the world with rock paintings dating more than 30,000 years ago. While doing jungle safari driver will take you to a unfinished Shiva temple inside the park, that constructed by the tribal kings which is centuries old and a testament of the aboriginal past of the region.

Shiva Temple

Canoe Charisma

The magic of being in a canoe is to paddle quietly along the shore, drifting into little inlets to watch birds and animals coming down to water, unmindful of the boat- a wilderness experience to be savoured.

Blissful bird watching

Watch the birds fluidly swoop across the skies and in between treetops in graceful movement. Our natralists are trained birders who will bring the magic of our feathered friend to life.

Unending nature walks

This is every nature lover’s dream come true. Voyage into Satpura, discovering a vast array of species and ecosystems on foots, while walking along these trails you can also unravel the mysteries of the natural world up close.


We will provide you the accommodation in the midst of 44 acres of jungle at the end of Satpura Tiger Reserve. This palace is your gateway into verdant surroundings coupled with the allure of natural living. Mud cottages will be offered to guests. All cottages are surrounding a central swimming pool. The entire property is the reclaimed forest which is a sfae heaven for animals, birds, butterflies and dragon flies which you can explore along with the your naturalist in between your safaris.

A mix of Indian and western cuisine is served in the communal dinning hall in different outdoor locations like under a Mahua tree or besides the swimming pool or the terrace under the stars

So unravel the the deep rooted mysteries of the jungle while you soak in the ravishing sights and sounds around you. Follow the trails and tracks, off the beaten path, as you continue to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the landscape.

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