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Situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh National Park is a renowned Tiger Reserve. Nestled among the picturesque Vindhya Hills and lush tropical forests, this is one of India’s most scenic national parks. Bandhavgarh has the highest tiger density in the world. Statistics reveal that sightseeing the king of the jungle is virtually guaranteed at Bandhavgarh. There are more than 22 species of mammals and 250 species of birds at Bandhavgarh. The dense sal and bamboo jungle ensures that the jungle experience is magical and memorable.

Bandhavgarh National Park has three major zones named – Tala, Bamera and Magdi. Among these the Tala zone attracts more tourists as it offers opportunities of sighting the tiger. The park authorities are now working to develop Magdi Zone by creating more opportunities for the tourists to spot tigers. To increase the opportunity of spotting the royal predators in Magdi zone, elephant shows are also organized.

Though, the park is majorly inhabited by white tigers but it also provides shelter to several other Indian wild species like Cheetals, Langurs, Bison and Sambars. The beautiful woods of Bandhavgarh attract numerous tourists from all over the world. The park remains at its best during spring season. The ideal time to explore wildlife in the park is from January to March.

Bandhavgarh has no direct air connectivity. The nearest airport to Bandhavgarh is at Jabalpur, one of the popular cities of India in Madhya Pradesh. Through airways one can reach Bandhavgarh quickly from New Delhi. On arriving at Jabalpur, one has to hire a taxi to Umaria.

Bandhavgarh is unique as it encompasses both pristine nature and human history. Situated on the top of the tallest hill in Bandhavgarh Reserves is the fort now in ruins. This fort dates back 2000 yrs and is mention in a number of ancient Hindu texts. This fort is located on a plateau of 4 sq. km at a height of 811 meters, at the top of the hill. It was built in the 10th century. There are some other monuments and man-made water holes too. The fort is located in the Tala zone of Bandhavgarh and can be seen from every corner of the forest. Since the 2nd Century, Bandhavgarh has been ruled by several dynasties like Maurya, Magh, Sengar, Vakataka, Baghels, and Kalchuri.

The Safari

On a rich grounds of Bandhavgarh National Park lies a once in a lifetime experience the thrill seeker in you must not miss. Lets the magic of dense pristine forests unfold the spell in an open 4X4 Gypsy in the core of the national park, with some of the most adroit drivers at the wheel accompanied with a knowledgeable naturalists. Follow the pugmarks and before you know it the king is right in front of you with all the magnificence and splendor.

There’s plenty in the store for you be ot rich game like the Sambhar, herds of spotted deer munching in those vast grasslands, or wiid boars trying to run away from your sight, peacocks dancing in frenzy or the bison trying to figure out what are you doing in their territory.


Imagine staying in wild pristine environments of Bandhavgarh forest where the serene silence of jungle would only be broken by the chirping of the birds. Imagin dinners by the campfire, trading the jungle tales and exotic sounds of the bush lulling you to sleep. This is where we step in, we provide you with the best of the accommodation.


Bask in a splendid getaway at the heart of wonderful wildlife sacrificing comfort. Experience getting lost in nature’s spectacular beauty while taking a dip in the swimming pool. Savor a blend of the crackling bonfire and sparkling champagne with alarm calls of deer hinting the presence of the beast in grasslands or the waterhole nearby. This hideaway is a perfect base for travelers wanting to immerse themselves in the rugged wilderness, arresting adventures, rural traditions, and plentiful wildlife of Bandhavgarh.

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